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Dreams That Take You

Diving into a deep ocean; soaring into the vast infinitude of space; walking on the tops of clouds; exploring the worlds of our deepest subconscious, with all the darkest mythological deities and archetypal creatures and motifs ever seen; where you can only imagine their origins. These are some of the places that dreams can take you. The album, Dreams That Take You is a soundtrack to some of these dreams, and more.

This is not all dreamy music per se', but is filled with some turbulences, and dark and obscure themes that shape shift, and metamorphose, all quite like dreams themselves.
Overall though, this could still be considered a modern meditation album, but more along the lines for those who appreciate venturing into the darkest, deepest layers of the sub-conscious self.

Using minimal instrumentation, and recording much of this soundtrack in real time, and on the fly; the primary instrument, and core sound machine used was Dave Smith's Evolver. This particular Synth was very useful and conducive for instantaneous, creative, in the moment input/output, and I found myself very much living in these dream atmospheres as I was creating them.

1 Darkness Falls  
2 Dreams That Take You  
3 A Time Before  
4 Deeper Still  
5 My Soul To Take  
6 Archetypal  
7 Emergence