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Heart Sounds vol.2 (The Shaman's Dream)

Heart Sounds Vol.2 The Shaman's Dream

"Primordial sensations come over you, taking you beyond the skies threshold....Reaching past, still, but soaring over the highest mountain ranges. Moving with the clouds now, you find yourself alone...Awake...Inside The Shaman's Dream"

Volume 2 is of course a tribal/ethnic infused aural journey. While the first volume had no rhythm tracks, this one has many, with various shamanic tribal percussion instruments, along with a handful of flutes, didgeridoos, shamanic voices and various atmosphere shaping sound relics of our ancestors. Also on this album are lots of various nature sounds, like birds, crickets, water ambiences and such.
The Shaman's Dream. More mysterious, but just as meditative; with this volume you're sure to find yourself on another other worldly excursion into the inner depths, beyond space and time.
Tracks used for this volume are from the following albums...
Everflow, Night Watch, In-Sense, Liquid Planet, Living Planet, New Dawn, Rock Into Sand, Horizon, Other Worlds, Shaman's Dance, Drift and Heart's Core.