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Based and built from analog modular synth drones, patches & effects, this is pure underwater dream zone music.
Made to accompany the fluid movements and colorful bio-luminescence of the jellyfish, flowing and drifting with the currents,
the blend of sounds are surprisingly organic in their textures, and mix well with crustacean-like effects and poly-sequential, fractal rhythms & pulses.
Expansive, slow moving, aquarium-like environments are penetrated and felt deeply here.
Inspired by the movements of fluidity and bio-luminescent colors of the jellyfish, this is an all out analog excursion of ambient liquid space.
Get ready for deep liquid space immersion with Medusazoa.

1 Liquid Body (opening)  
2 Liquid Body (part 2)  
3 Under Her Spell (edit)  
4 Living Fossil (edit)  
5 Medusazoa (part 1)  
6 Medusazoa (part 2)  
7 Tentacles (edit)  
8 Bioluminescence (edit)  
9 Currents (edit)