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Ambient electronic, new age, space music composer Dan Pound brings forth his newest release, AURORA.
Private, meditation music perfect for the Winter Solstice.

Serenely powerful, and majestically calming, this set of ambient aural landscapes will chill you to the core and then release you to the calling of the wind above. Ambient ,meditative, and mysteriously reflective

Almost a year in the making, Aurora was made using mostly hard synthesizers, both analog and digital, as well as the occasional guitar, voice, and subtle frame drum pulses. The atmosphere is serene, ethereal, mysterious, and relaxing all at once. Perfect music for the healing arts, including yoga, massage, and of course, deep zone meditation. Also would enhance star gazing, moon watching and hopefully, observing the Aurora's dancing colors in the sky.
Recommended for low volume playback in repeat mode.

1 Aurora CD Sampler  
2 Northern Lights (edit)  
3 Magnetic Pull (edit)  
4 Wind And Wing  
5 Polaris (edit)  
6 Under Stars (edit)  
7 Wind Calling (edit)  
8 Borealis