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Wolf Moon

Ambient Electronic, Shamanic, Space Music Soundscapes.

A sonic portrait of night time ambiences and atmospheres, invoking visions of a Tundra wolf pack in their typical life setting. Running, hunting, breathing, playing, being, watching, waiting, and avoiding becoming the hunted.
Expansive, sequencer driven synth-sonic soundworlds, and space music themes & layers, all woven with powerful Shamanic additives, including Lakota flutes, Ocarina, Didgeridoo, tribal-ethnic percussion, shamanic vocals, singing bowls and more. A complete set of sound design atmospheres to drift away with. Dark, mysterious, triumphant, powerful, heroic, surreal, mesmerizing and serene best describes these soundscapes.

9 tracks (scenes)
1. Always On The Run 9:17
2. Ancient Spirits 6:48
3. Wolf Moon 7:22
4. Making Tracks 11:17
5. Watching Through Trees 5:40
6. The Hunter 2:53
7. The Hunted 4:15
8. Unknown Territory 3:56
9. Homeward 5:32

This is perfect ambient night time music with an air of mystery, wonder, and trance-like aural structures. This set of sound design scenes will surely transport you
to an ambient inner zone state.
Be prepared to be running with the pack and howling at the
Wolf Moon.

1 Always On The Run (edit)  
2 Ancient Spirit  
3 Wolf Moon (edit)  
4 Making Tracks (edit)  
5 Watching Through Trees (edit)  
6 Hunted [The] (edit)  
7 Unknown Territory  
8 Homeward (edit)  
9 Wolf Moon Cd Sampler  
10 Hunter (The)