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Fourth Way (The)

This music is a series of layered themes dedicated to the many ways towards enlightenment and spiritual advancement, in particular, a practice called the Fourth Way. This theme is based on the literary, philosophical teachings and body of work by the same title by Greek and Russian Philosophers G.Gurdgieff & P.D.Ouspensky developed during the early and middle 20'th century.

The music itself is searing and penetrating to one's psyche. It is at once dark and infinite and yet has a meditative structure and quality to it that soothes as well as disturbs the listener into alternate states of awareness. Only those who dare to look deep into themselves will understand and appreciate where this Psychic terrain lies, and will utilize this music as a method for enhancement and placement into this state. Dare to find yourself in this deep space by listening to "The Fourth Way".

As usual in my music, I use a combination of electronic and organic instruments, as well as shamanic musical structures and elements to create a deeply layered aural space of timelessness, and to induce an inner exploration into our deepest, darkest depths. Be ready to be transported.

1 Way Of The Fakir (part 1)  
2 Way Of The Yogi (edit)  
3 Way Of The Monk (edit)  
4 The Fourth Way part 3 (remix-edit)  
5 Sly Man's Way (edit)