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Traversing deep and wide into uncharted sonic territory, Dan Pound emerges with a whole new set of tracks that are un-classifiable by genre.

Combining shamanic/ethnic percussion, voice and indigenous instruments with ambient electronic, space soundworlds, there is an expansive journey of discovery ready to be had throughout this whole disc. One is called out to the far reaches of the Nether worlds, and upon listening, one can't help but to heed it's call.

Some moods are serene and tranquil, while others are mysterious, haunting or otherwise moody and atmospheric.
As well there are sonic portraits that beget feelings of triumph, glory, and even ecstasy.

Dan says:
"This set of music was created as if in a live setting, all of the pieces dynamically differing, yet all flowing together as if chapters in a book, telling a story. This music was intended to be listened to, also, as if it is being heard live. For that reason, turn it up. Feel it in your bones!"

DAN POUND: Esoterica

es-o-ter-ic, adj.
1. understood by or meant for only a select few.
2. private or secret.

Dan Pound: Esoterica

1 Esoterica Part One (edit)  
2 Esoterica Part Two (edit)  
3 Esoterica Part Three (edit)  
4 Esoterica Part Four (edit)  
5 Esoterica Part Five  
6 Esoterica Part Six  
7 Esoterica Part Seven  
8 Esoterica Part Eight (remix-edit)