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Looking for music to create, uphold and enhance a sacred space?
DRIFT gives you just that.

It is meant for drifting in the literal sense as well as drifting past your thoughts and leaving This world behind for a secret journey of your own.

This music offers a place of solace. It is nourishing and trancsending. It is soft and warm, yet with an atmosphere of restrained esoteric power.

With a combination of electronic and organic gear, a very other wordly set of atmospheres is again created by composer, Dan Pound.

Primal, shamanic, spacey, lush and flowing.
That is "Drift"

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Available through Cdbaby.com and directly from Dan's studio. Just send an E-mail to danpound@danpound.com for details.

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1 Drift  
2 World Under  
3 Canyon Corridor  
4 Chilled Through  
5 Moon On The Water  
6 Liquid Cavern  
7 Cloud Shift  
8 Wings Of Time  
9 Down Wind Current  
10 Adrift  
11 Down Wind Current (edit)  
12 Canyon Corridor (remix-edit)  
13 Drift (remix-edit)