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Life Giving

Sublime, nocturnal space music.

This album weaves it's way through air-borne atmospheres and mysterious landscapes, while drifts of spiraling harmonies, subtle rhythms/pulses, and undulating drones breathe in and out of the suspended space of the soundscapes.
Perfect for nighttime listening, this music induces and upholds a sacred zone for personal meditation and inner visualization.
Very serene, a little dark, and forged from a very deep creative place, LIFE GIVING is sure to give the listener a mode of transport to another realm of reflection and possibilities, where anything is possible.

Dan on Life Giving:
" After the long process that the last albums' mixing and mastering took, I was glad to be at the creative end of things in the studio again. This new album was a breath of fresh air for me personally, and poured out fast. I literally used the recording process as a meditation, and found that by breath awareness, and taking in and letting out of slow deep breaths, alongside the music making, I was able to continually find, and end up in "The Zone" that is the epitome of the creative and deep discovery process. The result is very much a meditation album of new age ambient space music that is sure to enhance your own personal "Zone".

1 Life Giving (edit)  
2 Age Of Innocence (edit)  
3 In Suspension (edit)  
4 Only One (edit)  
5 Passing Through Time (beginning)  
6 Passing Through Time (Part 1-edit)  
7 Passing Through Time (Part 2-edit)  
8 Taken By The Dream (edit)  
9 Life Pulse (edit)  
10 What Matters Most (edit)