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Hypnagogue says... "Spherical is another great release from Pound, and one of his darker excursions in a while. He's always been a solid tribal-ambient musician, and that's the standout element on an overall strong set of pieces. Very much worth a close listen".

Sonic Immersion says..."Spherical is a mystical and rather dark-shaded sound quest with a slight shamanic rim traveling through otherworldly textural spaces. It more and more gives birth to an own signature, especially on the excellent title track"

The artist says... "This is an album of deep expanse and wide introspection, meant for true connoisseurs of Ambient Electronic Music.
Inspired by a year of personal changes and growth, this set of 'atmospheres', I feel are my most compelling and mesmerizing so far. At least as far as the Ambient Space Music genre goes. Deeply observed panoramic expanses, and far reaching introspective journeys are the experiences conveyed to any listener of these 'environments'. As "Far out" as you go is as "deep" as you end up upon listening.
This is serious and oft times somber music. Dark, yet met with many mystical and ethereal qualities.
If you're looking for 'feel good' music, you won't find it here. However there is still very much a hypnotically meditative and therapeutically soothing edge to this album.
Besides the usual mix of assorted analog synths, guitars, processors, sequencers, field recordings and some Native American Flute, I used some source material for a few tracks derived from this unusual method:
Alongside this project, I was working on the re-master album, "Return To Other Worlds". A few times the studio recording interface clock was playing back some of the tracks for that album at half speed. (I have since purchased a new interface). This resulted in some unusual and yet compelling sound layers. I instinctively knew that this could be a cool mistake-glitch event that I could use & incorporate into new creative ideas for the Spherical album

1 Spherical (edit)  
2 Lookout Point (edit)  
3 At A Distance (edit)  
4 Through The Center (edit)  
5 Only A Memory (edit)  
6 Of The Essence (edit)  
7 Like Tears In Rain (edit)