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Heart Sounds vol.1 (The Deep Expanse)

Introducing Heart Sounds. Music for Yoga and Meditation.
Using already produced tracks from previous albums, each Volume of Heart
Sounds is exactly one hour of a seamless flow of deep breathing, floating textures, and minimal pulses filled music. Perfect
for an entire session of Yoga, Massage and Transcendental Meditation. Each Volume will be a different mood and atmosphere,
Setting the tone in a way that is consistent throughout the entire disc.

The first in a series of "best of" releases, Heart Sounds vol.1 (The Deep Expanse), takes you to the edge of time and space and drops you off into the unknown. Deep crevasse like inner structures of atmospheres and infinite spaces are discovered in this long flow compilation of very meditative Dan Pound music.
Made especially for the healing arts.
Exactly 1 hour of ambient music. Perfect for one complete session of yoga, massage therapy, or transcendental meditation.
(Tracks used for this volume are from the following albums...
Drift, Lunar Effect, Trance Meditation, Night Watch, Esoterica, In A Hummingbird's Dream, Door Beyond Time, Living Planet, The Fourth way, Touching The Space, Heart's Core, Rock Into Sand)

1 Heart Sounds vol.1 CD Sampler